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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|[[File:Filter1.jpg|600px|1090MHz 3 Pole Filter Type 2]]
|[[File:Filter1.jpg|500px|thumb|1090MHz 3 Pole Filter Type 2<br \>(both ports SMA female)]]
|[[File:3poleType2 narrow.jpg|600px]]
|[[File:3poleType2 narrow.jpg|thumb|500px|Passband measured on a R&S FSEA with tracking generator<br >Upper: wideband<br \>Lower: narrow band, high resolution]]
|''The 3 pole filter type 2 (both ports SMA female)''
|''Passband measured on a R&S FSEA with tracking generator''

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This filter is a new development. There are three major changes in comparison to the filter described in External Filters

  • The filter's passband is smaller than the previous 3 pole filter
  • It has a massive DC short on both, the input and the output for static electricity and lightening protection
  • The size is about half of the 3 pole filter of the first generation
1090MHz 3 Pole Filter Type 2
(both ports SMA female)
Passband measured on a R&S FSEA with tracking generator
Upper: wideband
Lower: narrow band, high resolution
  • Technical data:
    • passband attenuation: 0.5 dB
    • -3 dB bandwidth: better than 9 MHz
  • Options
    • Standard connectors are two SMA female connectors
    • The filter can made with N-female, N-male or BNC-female connectors each separately for both ends.
    • Both connectors can be placed on the same side
    • We can attach a massive M6 or M8 bolt on the side wall for a grounding strip
  • Dimensions
    • Length approximately 112 mm
    • Width approximately 30 mm
    • Height approximately 70 mm plus length of connectors
    • Weight approximately 0,275 kg (SMA female connectors)

Note that due to the connector options there are small predrills visible on the optional connector locations.