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Local FLARM Receiver (Optional)

Air!Squitter Rear Panel

Air!Squitter can optionally be equipped with a RTL-SDR stick, and by that serve some SDR applications. It comes with preinstalled software from the Open Glider Network (see Air!Squitter is able to include the results of this receiver into its own database and show FLARM aircraft together with ADS-B and MLAT data in a common map. However, in order to work correctly, some steps have to be done after installation of the hardware:

  • Check that GPS is stable (Status -> GPS)
  • Create the configuration file for OGN receiver (Settings -> External Sources Settings -> Create Configuration for Integrated Open Glider Net Receiver)
    • Select a location name according to the naming rules
    • Enable bias current if you are using Jetvision's Active Diapason Antenna
    • Enable reception of local results

Create Config File

  • Watch the incoming messages from OGN receiver (Status -> Local FLARM Receiver Connection)

Incoming FLARM results

In case of troubles, disable and re-enable the OGN receiver part within Settings -> External Sources Settings -> Local FLARM Receiver Data Reception -> Save