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30.11.2014: New Radarcape software Release 141125.18.15 available

21.09.2014: Shops of jetvision.de and modesbeast.com were merged: [[1]]

03.12.2013: The new Mode-S Beast web-shop is online! Now the Radarcape is available for everyone.

11.03.2012: Note about Ghost frames added to release note of FW Version 1.40

07.03.2012: FW Version 1.40 released
Introduction of Mode-S Beast 2nd generation Radarcape

05.03.2012: Removed how to tweak the USB connection, it fortunately is not necessary and even more, sometimes made people believe that this is the right place where to set the serial interface parameters.

10.01.2012: FW Version 1.32a as a correction release to FW V1.32 released

08.01.2012: Putty Diagnosis Information added

03.01.2012: FW Version 1.32 released, more information about hardware version and solder jumpers of HW V1.1, troubleshooting added

21.12.2011: External Filters added, miniADSB cable colors corrected

15.12.2011: Antennas (G7RGQ, 10 element yagi, LR-1090-N super stacked omnidirectional antenna) added to the add-on section

13.12.2011: Updates on the webpage: LED bending, DIP-Switch updates

27.11.2011: New Mode-S Beast webpage online.

10.05.2011: After the first 5 devices from the commercial soldering have shown perfect functionality (just one resistor must be changed manually), the boards are avialable commercially.

09.05.2011: Mode-A/C decoding is working. This can be enabled with DIP switch #10

01.05.2011: Forward error correction of 1 Bit errors is working. It can be disabled with DIP switch #9

18.04.2011: I today got the information that the production will happen on Wednesday after Easter. I also decided to let only 1CH and 2CH boards beeing produced. For those who urgently and only need a 4CH unit I will offer a predelivery of 2CH and later upgrade to 4CH with the next lot, which is already on the horizon. This is due to the fact that I need some more gates and without doing so a group of 4CH boards would exist without the chance of doing overlap decoding and Mode-A/C.

17.04.2011: Sorry, you did not hear much from me during the last time. Some familiy circumstances, preparation of my mother company's open house, preparation of the flight to the UK, a short excursion to those people hunting weather sondes (2 founds!), a EMC training, and another item kept me busy to above the ears. Unfortunately there is no news about the boards in production, I hope I get some more news tomorrow. I will also create a page about the Mode-S Beast operation in Andover (SP11 6EA), Martlesham-Heath (indoor use!) and Felixtowe (N 51° 58.577, E 001° 21.660°). It was very interesting, in deed.

24.03.2011: I am currently looking after the bit errors that the bit error driver tells me. It is pretty interesting, here are two samples of the signal when the driver indicated a bit error at this position. Even with an AD converter, it is hard to decide if this is a zero or a one:

Bit Error 1 Bit Error 2

I added a page about the CRC and Bit error correction driver