Accessories:LR-1090-N Stacked Omni Antenna

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jetvision LR-1090-N

A 1.5 m long Stacked Omnidirectional Antenna

For a long time I used the G7RGQ and afterwards the collinear stacked from Francois, F5ANN. Suddenly Andy presented me a 1.5m long stacked vertical antenna, and after testing it, I found this antenna giving me about 25nm more range, to a total of 225nm into all directions. See the proof below.

I am happy that the constructor took some of my hints and experience into his design, and Andy soon will offer this antenna in his web shop.

LR-1090-N Antenna A wonderful antenna - mounted on a sidebar at my rooftop mast

My current range with this antenna is more than 225nm into all directions that are not shadowed by mountains. To the south you will find the alps as a barrier, towards west the Schwäbische Alp moutains show a limit. All other direction are free. The typical Mode-S frame rate during busy time in the evening is 1200 frames per second (72000 frames/minute).

LR-1090-N Planeplotter Overnight Plot

Overnight plot using Andy's antenna