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Waterproofing Of An Antenna Connector With Self Sealing Tape


Starting 2015, we will deliver a piece of self sealing tape together with each antenna. This tape is a very good protection against water in any kind of connector. However, it is somehow difficulty to use and that is why we've made this explanation.


The tape is delivered in a piece of aluminium foil. Unpack it and throw away the aluminium foil.
Self sealing in alufoil.jpg Self sealing in alufoil unpacked.jpg

Starting with a sharp knife, catch the black protection foil and remove it
Self sealing with knife.jpg Self sealing remove protection.jpg Self sealing protection removed.jpg


Go to the antenna connector, hold one end and then stretch the tape by about 50%.
Self sealing start winding.jpg

While holding it stretched, wind it around the connector until it is fully covered. You may need to go up- and downward in order to use all material. Take special care that the gaps between the different elements are covered by the tape

Self sealing winding1.jpg Self sealing winding2.jpg Self sealing fully covered.jpg



If once you want to dismantle the joint, simply use a sharp knife and cut along the tape.

Self sealing dismantle.jpg