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  1. The Radarcape and Air!Squitter is a device made for hobbyists and airplane spotters. We ensure quality and stability and continue testing this in a high number of devices that we are operating by ourselves. Our product contains third party tools out of our control, like Linux and Linux tools, where updates are not in our responsibility but by the community or producer of these tools.
  2. As a device for above mentioned circle of users, if you intend to use the device for any commercial task, you are fully responsible for any consequences. The Radarcape and Air!Squitter does not have obtained any of the aviation certification neither can we guarantee that the received data is always correct.
  3. As you are free to modify the Linux part, such modifications are always in your own full responsibility. Also we do not guarantee that all Linux distributions are running stable in the Radarcape.
  4. We do not ensure that the Radarcape and Air!Squitter is fully secure against unforeseen access if running in a network environment, neither public Internet nor even your local network. You should of course change the root password and remember it, and only then connect it to public Internet if you really know about the consequences.
  5. As this is a small embedded device, when running heavy load with plenty of sharers or tools installed, the device may fail with lack of resources.

Forbidden Usage of Radarcape and Air!Squitter

Remember, that this device does not comply with any of the air traffic regulations or specifications and that it is not certified for aviation use. You MUST NOT use it for any usage case that in any part of the world would require a certification to comply with any rules. This device MUST NOT be used in services like mentioned below

  • Operating an aircraft
  • Operating an airport
  • Operating airport services
  • Air traffic or ground traffic navigation
  • Air traffic management
  • Airport management
  • Aircraft management
  • Testing of other Mode-S or Mode-AC related equipment

or any other services that are similar to those listed above.