Air!Squitter:Front and Back Panel

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Air!Squitter Front Panel

Air!Scout front panel

  • Pushbutton
    • Select display contents
    • Pressing while power on initiates USB flashing mode
    • Long pressing while operating resets network
  • OLED Display
    • Receiver status page with current time
    • GNSS information
    • Network information
    • Firmware version information
  • Mode-S & GPS LED

Air!Squitter Rear Panel

Air!Scout back side explained

  • Combined Mode-S/ADS-B / GPS antenna (SMA female connector)
  • 5V DC supply (5.5V/2.1mm DC connector)
  • USB slave connector (Micro USB female)
    • for SD card access, reflashing and offline WiFi configuration
  • 100Base-TX Ethernet LAN connector (RJ45)
  • USB host connector
    • Memory stick, ethernet adapter, etc.
  • optional: RTL-SDR antenna connector (SMA female)
  • WiFi antenna (SMA RP female connector)