Mode-S Beast:Lantronix Xport Edge Software Setup

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The Lantronix Xport Edge is not fully supported by Lantronix Device manager, instead it offers all configuration on its internal web pages.

Lantronix Device Installer

Lantronix Device Installer can only show the IP address of the Xport Edge:

Mode-S Beast - Lantronix Device Installer showing Xport Edge

Xport Edge Setup

Line Settings must specifiy the "Tunnel" Protocol in order to provide a transparent tunnel

Xport Edge Line Menu Settings

Tunnel is configured to the port 10001

Xport Edge Tunnel Accept Settings

Tunnel Packing enabled so not every single byte causes a frame to be transmitted

Xport Tunnel Packing Settings

Select hardware handshake

Xport Edge Tunnel Hardware Handshake Settings

Pin configurations for hardware handshake require configuration

Xport Edge Line Menu Settings