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Note that updates are only provided for the Version 1.0 hardware currently. Send me a mail in case that you are able to perform the FPGA update, otherwise it is better that you send me your device back so that I can update it.

Hardware Revision V1.0

also known as "Series 1", sold about April 2011 until June 2011. This is the first series release of Mode-S Beast.

  • 1 internal RF channel, Altera Cyclone II EP2C5

Hardware Version V1.0 cannot be updated via USB, just those boards of HW V1.0 that have been modified for USB update by me are equal to HW V1.1, they can.

Hardware Revision V1.1

also known as "Series 2", to be sold starting in September 2011

Mode-S Beast: Hardware Version 1.1 Identifier

  • USB update capability
  • TxD line connected to all serial output devices, no longer a solder jumper
  • bigger solder jumpers