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Software that can be used together with the Mode-S Beast

My understanding of the Mode-S Beast is equal to, for example, a GPS mouse. It delivers the received signal in a known format, best as it can, and it can be used with a variety of software packages, whatever the user prefers. So this is a list of SW that can be used to postprocess the data that the Beast receivs:

  • Planeplotter from COAA, which also has a separate configuration page within the Mode-S project.
  • Globe-S, which also provides a special version Globe-S mini with special support of the Mode-S Beast. Some late versions perform quite well with the Mode-S Beast
  • I guess that also Sprut's ADS-B Scope should be able to handle the data of the Mode-S Beast, since it is native AVR format
  • I also believe that there is a software from USA that can run with it, I was in contact with the author and also got some postprocessed data back, but yet don't know more (funny, yes)
  • Rainer Müller, Munich, showed me a plugin for the Ozi Explorer that displays the air traffic on a moving map
  • A software called "Active Display", wherefrom I do not know a link, is currently converted to Mode-S Beast compatiblity
  • Agenium Airtracker also supports the Mode-S Beast

Basically, all PC software that can handle AVR format can be used for the Mode-S Beast.