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The Radarcape comes with a pre-installed Flightradar24 (FR24) feeder which uploads your received data to flightradar24.com.

The Flightradar24 feeder options can be found on the Settings page of your Radarcape.

You may enter your private sharing key, that you got from Flightradar24, in the configuration dialogue. The sharing key can either be obtained via the Flightradar24 feeder software for Windoes (the Radarcape feeder uses the same key as the Windows feeder) or you can send an e-mail to support<at>flightradar24.com to request a key.

Flightradar24 feeding can be enabled and disabled via the Settings menu. Disabling takes approximately 5 seconds.

Configuration of the Flightradar24 Feeder

The Radarcape provides a status dialogue for all feeders. It shows the feeder output during the startup sequence and the latest 15 messages generated by the feeder.

If the key field is left empty, the software automaticaly generates a key from your latitude and longitude. As of the time of this writing such keys are not yet accepted by Flightradar24 and you will see error messages like shown below:

[email protected],48.54391,11.24659
[i]FR24Feed v234 - built on Oct 11 2013/14:49:28
[i]Downloading configuration...OK
[i]Parsing configuration...ERROR
[failure]: Not found, check your key!

In this case, you should apply for your own sharing key at Flightradar24.