Radarcape:Front and Back Panel

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Radarcape Front Side

Radarcape front side explained

  • USB Extension Slot
  • Power LED
  • Mode-S LED

USB Extension Slot

This is a USB type A connector. It is available for memory sticks or user extensions. It is fully supported by the internal Linux system.

Power LED

The power LED is illuminated green when power is applied to the back side connector.

Mode-S LED

The Mode-S LED is flashing green on each frame that becomes received from aircraft.

If no frames are received (e.g., no antenna connected), it flashes once per second in order to indicate working state.


The GPS LED is flashing green once each second exactly when the second changes. In case of GPS degradation, it occasionally flashes yellow.

Radarcape Back Side

Radarcape backside explained

  • Mode-S antenna (SMA connector)
  • GPS antenna (SMB connector)
  • 100Base-TX Ethernet connector (LAN)
  • USB Gadget for Serial and Network (USB mini-B connector)