Radarcape:Ideas for Applications

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On-The-Fly Data Filtering and Compression

Prefiltering and compression of information that is sent to the main processor. This might be of interest when the unit is operated remotely with slow speed links, even GPRS or UMTS. When beeing used at remote locations or behind slow speed internet connections, it might be useful to limit the information by filters, and/or compress the data so that a minium only is beeing transmitted to the host.

Data Recorder

Data recording or event recording using the local SD card or an external mass storage connected via USB

Standalone Use

On top of the Beaglebone/Radarcape one can install available LCD monitors, and have a small GPS navigator size standalone unit.

Parallel Demodulation of Other Signals

ACARS and VDL can be demodulated/decoded with the Beaglebone's 100kSample ADC.\\It might be an idea to connect a SDR receiver like the Funcube dongle to the USB port and use this with some SDR software like GNURadio in order to receive air traffic, ACARS, VDL and similar.