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Air!Squitter includes a OLED display that can be used for real-time information and basic configurations.


Biggest number is the real-time Mode-S/ADS-B frames count. The Plot below is the Mode-S/ADS-B frames count for the past 60 minutes.

GNSS (GPS) status. Regular operation displays FIX: 3D.

Can also display "ANTENNA OPEN", in case no active GNSS antenna is connected, or "ANTENNA SHORT" in case there is a DC-Short on the antenna path (typically a filter or surge protector).

System information
LAN (Ethernet) status, either DHCP or Fixed configuration.
Wifi ap.png
Wi-Fi status. Can be either OFF, Client or Access Point.
When long pressing the front button the Menu is open. Short press to select option, Long press to change selected option. Can be used to activate Wi-Fi Access Point, and to restore settings.
After 10 minutes the display goes into screensaver mode.