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  • The Radarcape consists of:
    • Beaglebone Black SBC computer (earlier version used a Beaglebone White)
    • Radarcape Mode-S/ADS-B receiver
    • GPS module Trimble RES SMT 360 (earlier versions used Resolution SMT and Resolution SMTx)
    • Device case
  • Power Consumption
    • 5 V external supply
    • Standard 5.5 mm/ 2.1 mm DC connector (positive inside, negative outside)
    • Electrical current with GPS (including antenna) typical 720 mA
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Length approximately 92 mm (110 mm with antenna connector)
    • Width approximately 80 mm
    • Height approximately 45 mm
    • Weight approximately 0.233 kg

Linux Distribution

The Radarcape operates an embedded linux distribution. We do not guarantee stability with other Linux distributions than the delivered one.