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For Beginners Required computer skills to execute this task: Beginner/Intermediate

eXternal High-fidelity Simulator Instruments (XHSI)

The eXternal High-fidelity Simulator Instruments (XHSI) are a open source simulation of cockpit instruments of a Boing 737NG and Airbus A320. They were made as an extension to the [www.x-plane.com X-Plane] flight simulator. But they can also be feed with data from the Radarcape.

Two additional tools and one database are required to connect the Radarcape with XHSI:

Setup on Ubuntu Linux

Step 1: Download Tools and AptNav-Database

Download the following files (or newer releases) and store them in /tmp:

  • modesmixer2_x86_64_20150314.tgz (for 64 Bit) or modesmixer2_i386_20150314.tgz (for 32 Bit)
  • rtl1090XHSI.exe
  • XHSI-2-0-Beta-7.zip
  • AptNav201310XP1000.zip

Step 2: Install Software

Install modesmixer2 on your system:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/modesmixer2
cd /usr/local/modesmixer2
sudo tar -xvzf /tmp/modesmixer2_x86_64_20150314.tgz

Install rtl1090XHSI:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/rtl1090XHSI
sudo mv /tmp/rtl1090XHSI.exe /usr/local/rtl1090XHSI/
sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Install XHSI:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/XHSI
sudo unzip /tmp/XHSI-2-0-Beta-7.zip -d /usr/local/XHSI/
sudo unzip AptNav201310XP1000.zip -d /usr/local/XHSI/
sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/XHSI/XHSI2_app/Linux/XHSI2

Step 3: Start and Configure Applications

Start modesmixer2 in console window 1:

/usr/local/modesmixer2/modesmixer2 --inConnect XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:10003 --globes 31008:tableb:UUDD

Replace XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with the IP address of your Radarcape.

Start rtl1090XHSI in console window 2:

mono /usr/local/rtl1090XHSI/rtl1090XHSI.exe

Start XHSI in console window 3:


Setup the AptNav database within XHSI. Therefore, open the Preferences Menu from the XHSI main menu (XHSI -> Preferences ...):

XHSI Main Menu
XHSI Preferences Menu

Set the AptNav Ressources directory to /usr/local/XHSI and confirm the changes by clicking the "Ok" button.

Get the ICAO ID of the flight you want to monitor from your Radarcape (e.g., from the Aircraft List or 2D Map). Enter the ICAO ID (e.g., 4B1697) in the RTL1090-XHSI Interface.

RTL1090-XSHI Interface without ICAO ID
RTL1090-XSHI Interface with ICAO ID

Enjoy your eXternal High-fidelity Simulator Instruments

XHSI Primary Flight Display
XHSI Navigation Display (NAV Mode)
XHSI Navigation Display (PLN Mode)
XHSI Navigation Display (MAP Mode)

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