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Air!Scout front panel

Information for Air!Squitter Users

What is the Air!Squitter?

Air!Squitter Features

Air!Squitter and Radarcape both share the same featureset, so you can look up the versatile features in our Radarcape description. The only exception for Air!Squitter is availability of TCP and UDP data streams (raw data, Port 30003 and JSON streaming) is limited for the commercial version.

See also Overall Version History

Even the passwords are equal to make use as simple as possible.

Major addons that come with the Air!Squitter are

  • OLED display for status and operational information
  • Built-in WiFi support as client and access point
  • Optional Flarm receiver
  • Support of a combined ADS-B/GPS antenna instead of two separate antennas

See also our comparsion table for our different ADS-B modems and receivers.

Getting quickly started with the Air!Squitter


The Air!Squitter manual can be downloaded at