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(Getting Started with the Air!Squitter)
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===Getting Started with the Air!Squitter===
===Getting Started with the Air!Squitter===
* [[Air!Scout:Network Connectivity|Network Connectivity]]
* [[Air!Squitter:Network Connectivity|Network Connectivity]]
* [[Air!Scout:Flarm Local Receiver|Flarm Local Receiver]]
* [[Air!Squitter:Flarm Local Receiver|FLARM Local Receiver]]
* [[Air!Scout:Disclaimer|Restrictions of Use]] (Disclaimer)
* [[Air!Squitter:Disclaimer|Restrictions of Use]] (Disclaimer)

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Latest Information!

08.2019 We changed the name for the final product from Air!Scout to Air!Squitter! Photos in this Wiki will be updated later.

Air!Scout front panel

Information for Air!Squitter Users

What is the Air!Squitter?

Getting Started with the Air!Squitter