Advanced Linux Tasks

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For Experts Required Linux/Unix skills to execute this task: Advanced

This instructions apply to Debian 10 . See Linux Distribution Versions History.

SSH Login

  • user: jetvision password: jetvision

For executing root/privileged tasks use sudo, eg. "sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y".


Comes by default with Chrony configured as Client and Server, preferring the local GNSS/GPS reference if available.

As so it can work as a Stratum 1 Server, with a time accuracy at Ethernet level of about 1 μs.

Chrony configuration

Chrony comes installed and works by default without configuration on new devices.

If you have a older device with a GNSS chip which is not the Trimble SMT360 (Check under Status->GPS), then you need to edit file /etc/chrony/chrony.conf and increase refclock SOCK offset to 0.4.

To check status type:

chronyc tracking
chronyc sources

NTPD configuration

NTPD support for the Radarcape is not the best.

If you prefer to run NTPD, then you can replace it.

First enable Radarcape to output data to NTPD. On the web menu go to Settings -> General -> NTP Reference Clock Data and activate "Publish time to shared memory for NTPD or Chrony".

Then on the console type:

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install ntp -y