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Linux Distributions

The Radarcape/Air!Squitter have been delivered with 3 different Linux distributions:

Debian 8 Jessie (Only application updates supported)

This image was based on official image, maintained by Robert Nelson.

It was distributed with kernel 4.1.30-ti-r69, also maintained by Robert Nelson.

Network management uses packages ifupdown, isc-dhcp-common, isc-dhcp-client.

Debian 8 main support from the Debian Security team ended 17th June 2018, and now it's under the Debian LTS team support.

Jetvision will continue to distribute the Radarcape application updates at least until June 30, 2020.

Kernel updates are not available from Jetvision.

For best security and advanced features a upgrade to Debian 10 is recommended. See recovery instructions.

Debian 10 Buster (Recommended)

This image is completely designed for Jetvision devices, and includes the Jetvision APT repository for Kernel and other software updates.

Network management uses package Connman.

Console/SSH usernames and passwords have changed since Debian 8. Please check Advanced Linux Tasks.

The main improvements over Debian 8 are:

  • Configured by default with Stratum 1 NTP server (PPS/GPS) using Chrony
  • Improved time handling on boot for System logs
  • Improved USB gadget port functionality
    • More reliable data streaming over USB
    • New network adapter over USB, access Radarcape at after you plug it over USB.
  • Improved network management with Connman. Now Radarcape detects when cable is reconnected and requests immediate DHCP lease.
  • New APT repository for easier updates by advanced users
    • Kernel updates
    • Chrony or NTPD for Stratum 1 NTP server (PPS/GPS)

To upgrade from a previous distribution See recovery instructions.